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Hello, I'm Jason Bischer, the proprietor and sole developer at JB Custom Web Designs. A self-taught web developer, I ventured into coding a few years back and have been crafting websites ever since. The genesis of my company stems from a personal connection to small business owners within my family, particularly in the construction, HVAC, and pumping industries.

My journey into the intricacies of the internet revealed a disheartening reality: small business owners were sometimes taken advantage of by certain web developers. These developers would demand a hefty upfront fee for website creation, only to deliver the site and then disappear. With evolving search algorithms, neglecting website updates could lead to plummeting search rankings. In response, I established a transparent monthly pricing model with no initial payment required. Our commitment lies in consistently updating your site and optimizing SEO to ensure it remains visible in search results.

In today's digital landscape, a website is indispensable. Yet, many small business owners and startups lack the resources for a substantial upfront investment in web development. Recognizing this challenge, I founded JB Custom Web Designs with a vision to offer a solution that doesn't burden owners with significant financial commitments. Hence, the inception of our $0 down and monthly pricing model.

I am providing an affordable solution for small businesses to have an actual online presence.

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We focus on the needs of each business and tailor content around their unique industry. Our collaborative process is very hands on as we work closely with you to create a website you're 100% happy with and not something you just settle for.

  • No Page Builders

    Our websites are 100% hand-coded which allows your Google ranking scores to be perfect.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Want to add or change an image on the website? Just reach out anytime and we'll have it done that day.

  • Unlimited Edits

    A huge reason we love the monthly package is that it allows unlimited edits. You are not stuck with anything as you would be if you paid for a site upfront.

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